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Wine Bar

Tasting Menu

*Sample menu subject to change
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A discretionary service charge is added to all tables

A Shared Dining Menu

To enjoy in the evenings (Mon, Wed-Sat) and for weekend lunch

Organic sourdough with amontillado olive oil


*** Optional add-ons for the table ***

1/2 dozen natural oysters €16

Charcuterie plate €5 per person

Baked Flaggy Shore Oyster, Nduja & Lime

Cantabrian Anchovy Toast and Preserved Lemon Aioli

Kingfish, Kumquat, Chilli

Fresh Burrata, Almonds, XO

Burrata, Brown Butter Almonds, XO

Lamb Rump, Radicchio, Marjoram

Vanilla Custard Tart, Armagnac-Soaked Prunes

*** Optional Market Cheeseboard €5 per cheese ***

12.5% service charge for groups of 5 or more


Allergen info available on request

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